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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  October 18, 2009 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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you want to tell me what you're doing up here? i'm not coming in. there is a heart arriving. once it gets here, it's viable for 30 minutes. i'm not taking it. scott... i've done this operation hundreds of times. you're going to be okay. it's just... it's brenda who deserves this heart.
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she's been waiting for like six years, man. it doesn't work like that, scott. well, then, make it work! i can't. she's gonna get a heart. it's just not this one. i am a serious screwup. you know it, and i know it. she's a good person. she's never hurt anybody. she's never done anything wrong in her whole life. i can't take this heart. it's just not right. (panting) (sighs) you see the monongahela incline over there? you see that? top of that's mount washington. that's where i grew up. you think you're a screwup? you should hear what i did. came this close to going to prison. a lot of my friends did go.
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scott, you're faced with a choice. you can either hear the wake-up call, or you can walk away. you are not me! and you're not your past, okay? it's one piece of you. it's not everything. you know what, scott? maybe the old you doesn't deserve this heart. but you do. what about brenda? you take this heart... so you can be there when she gets hers. now, come on, let's go. brenda: wait! hey. nice drama. yeah. thanks. it was all part of my evil plan to get you to like me more. it worked. okay, i hate to be a wet blanket here,
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but i kind of need to swap out your heart, so if you kooky kids could, uh... bye. i'll see you later. okay? i promise. (sighs) hey, alicia. i don't know if you heard. we had a procurement run in portland. uh, maine, not-not oregon. probably wouldn't be back yet
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if it was oregon. no, probably not. but maine-- it's, uh, closer, and... and do you know what maine's famous for? the longest coastline in the u.s.? no. wait. is that true? sure is. anyway, they catch a lot of lobster. and with that in mind, i thought you might like to enjoy the regional delicacy of a lobster roll. that's sweet. thanks. but... i'm jewish. j-jew... and lobster's... a bottom feeder. but thanks for thinking of me. yeah. no problem. (clears throat) (quietly): bottom feeder. i know who the bottom feeder is.
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we shouldn't speak. but we're going to, because i did nothing wrong. my chart says differently. your chart has nothing to do with this. you called your attorney? you're damn right i did. there's no phone in this room, which means you got out of bed to go and find one. that is why your sutures didn't hold. don't try to blame this on me. i have clients depending on me. i can't just lie here doing nothing. right now, that's exactly what you need to do. the park where i learned to ride a bike-- it's full of drug dealers and gang bangers. (panting) i spend every waking minute trying to hold the line, so that decent people can lead a decent life and have a little something, and not be afraid. you're not responsible for everyone. they shot me! in my own house!
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(crying) i know. i know they did. i know they did. i heard it went well. congratulations. on the transplant, or getting him into surgery? hmm, you pick. when rena and i started dating, i had this motorcycle. it was this beat-up old triumph. oh, it was a '76 bonneville. it was beautiful. what, she made you get rid of it? no, she never said a word. she even cleaned the helmet for me.
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two months later, i got rid of it without hesitation. 'cause you wanted to live. for her, yeah. hmm. of course, we all know how that turned out. (laughs) so, do you regret it? not for a second. not for a second. i'm going home. oh, me, too. let's go. ♪ made me feel so strange ♪ said, i could call you, baby, i could call you, damn it ♪ ♪ it's a one in a million... ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs television and volkswagen. it's what the people want. captioned by media access group at wgbh
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hello, i'm bruce johnson, well, thank you for joining us, well, he is still the red scirnses head coach, but jim zorn has been stripped from one of his largest responsibilities. here's more. >> reporter: bruce, the reason that jim zorn was hired in the first place was to call the offensive plays. he was, as you know hired as an offensive mind. the team has decided he is over his head and they have started to reduce his portfolio. shortly after the loss to the chiefs, zorn was called into a meeting with vinny cerrato in which' he told zorn that the teams wants him to succeed, but in order for him to do that, they want to take some of the responsibilities all of his
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plate. zorn did note disagree with the decision. it is a bold vote of no confidence towards jim zorn and likely a step towards his out right dismissal. >> if i'm not putting our guys in the right position as the right place to be successful, i'm going to look at mioses regardless. >> -- myself regardless. >> we haven't performed to our best ain'ts. he has -- abilities. he has called the plays and we haven't executed. >> he is the head coach he is going to take a lot of the questions off of the players and put them himself. >> we were told that dan schneider was not in the meeting with zorn, but was aware of the situation, whatever that means. we'll have much more on the late and surprising developments when brian, dave
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and sara join me for sports plus right after this news cast. bruce? >> thanks a lot. we have some questions. the fans are weighing in on the situation. dave stater has more. >> reporter: china town is the heart of the city and on sunday following a loss, there's so much heart ache. can any of you talk about the redskins? do you want to talk about the redskins? >> no. >> reporter: those who did talk were down. >> it looked like it was a soccer match. >> sometimes you ever to hit rock blot tom to -- bottom to get to the too. >> reporter: even an optimistic resident like this thinks that
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jim zorn is not going to be our neighborrer for long. >> reporter: many are saying that if he goes, others will go as well. >> in my eight years here, i have yet to meet one dan schneider fan and they will often tell me he was the one person they could trade. >> reporter: and if you thought you couldn't patient a bleaker picture here's this. >> we had redskins tickets, but we thought we would go and watch football. the coldest airplane of the season coming our way. you would know that the cold air is coming in and you see this in frederick county,
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maryland. that's right, that's snow. even further to the west saw a little bit more of the thick heavy wet snow, maybe an inch or two accumulating on the grassy surfaces. the colder air is coming in. it's easier to show you where we have the frost advisories and warnings, or to show you who doesn't have them. alexandria you are not in that frost advisory, but the rest of us northwest are. that means we are going to be near the freezing mark. i'll tell you exactly how far we are going for those temperature. it was all a publicity stunt, that's the word from a colorado sheriff who sed the heene family made up the story to attract attention.
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the family was trying to land a reality tv show. the police are considering criminal charges against heene and his wife for filing a false report. social workers are going to see if the home is safe for falcon and his brothers. and the county will be issues charges. >> we seek restitution in this. we will present to the court what all of the costs are. we will put together what all of the investigation costs. as far as recovering anything, having looked at the family's financial situation, i suspect we won't be recovering very much. i don't think there's much to recover at this point. >> the sheriff noted that the family as received at least one money offer. a robbery suspect was shot
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and killed after a stand off with the police. it happened this afternoon on baltimore, maryland. the man was armed with two knives when he walked into the convenience store and announced he was planning on robbing the place. >> we received a call from the store and we heard from a woman who saw the man going into the store with the knives. our officers set up a perimeter. during the course of the events, he locked the door behind him he came out and we released the k9. >> the suspect was shot dead. three employees in the store at the time of the shooting were not injured, but a k9 dog was injured. we are told he is going to be
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okay. anyone trying by the high school today would have seen officer hustling students out of the building. it was only a drill. even the emergency responderring were kept in the dark about the situation. the event began as a medical drill. >> get out of here, i will kill you. >> reporter: it became a columbine type of attack. as well as a -- >> we have a report of officer down, several student down. >> there will be an ambush that's going to happen right away taking cot a couple -- out a couple of our offerses.
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>> lots of students. lots of injuries. they are going to come across simulated fire and police personnel. they are going to have lots of things going on and all if while, they are going to hear gunshots going off and they are going to have to find the shooter. >> reporter: the second phase is the second set of personnel that would have arrived on the scene. >> we have 30-40 walking wounded. we are setting up a zone right now working on the building on fire as well as the hostile gunman inside the police department. there's a lot going on. i'm sure that the command has his hands full right now. really, it's not a right or wrong, it's what we can do better. that response will be
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evaluated by the fairfax police and fire department. a fallen soldier from loudon county will be layed to rest tomorrow. he will be layed to rest at arlington national cemetery. a week ago, the father of a childhood friend recalled time with the friend in afghanistan. >> stefon had a tough challenge ahead of him. there's no question, if he said it once, he said it a thousands time that he wanted to go back. he wanted to be with his friends and his brothers and he did exactly what he wanted to do and i don't think he would change it now. a teenage pilot walks away from a small plane crash in
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illinois saturday night. the aircraft hit a light pole near a gas station, belly flopped and burst into flames. >> absolutely amazing. never seen anything like that before. immediately, my mother yells out call 9/11. meme 911. he missed the wires and hit the light pole and walked away from it will plane. it looks like he just belly skidded it in. he got really lucky. >> the lucky teenage pilot was taken to the hospital to be treated for minor injuries. the faa isinvestigating tonight. still ahead, turning an online idea into a profit.
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a wayward bear takes a wrong turn and surprises some workers nchth and i'm really regretting not bringing the gloves to work tonight. i hope you don't forget to be prepared for the weekend weather. we'll have much better weather coming up.
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i'm creigh deeds, candidate for governor, and my campaign sponsored this ad. bob mcdonnell says he's from fairfax county... but that was before he attended pat robertson's law school and served on its board... before he wrote that "working women are detrimental to the family." before he introduced 35 bills restricting a woman's choice. and before he voted against equal pay for women. so no matter what mcdonnell claims, all signs say he's not from around here...anymore. the maximum 55 miles per hour speed limit is being restored along the wood row wilson corridor. speed limits were reduced while the area was under construction. most of that work is completed so the speed limit is being returned to 55. vdot has been uses a high-tech system to change the speeds.
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millions of dollars and millions of page hilts. tonight, we are finding out how one local entrepreneur is turning big ideas into profit. >> reporter: ben huff thinks that cats are pretty funny. >> he has the tail of a raccoon. that's pretty funny. >> reporter: he must be right because he is getting plenty of people looking at his site. >> i used to be the guy sitting at home on the couch running a cat blog. >> reporter: now, he runs a business and he doesn't have to go much of anything. >> the language was already in ex-sis tanls. >> reporter: now he is creating other sites. and there's even a fail blog.
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>> fail blog is a site that keel brats a you will of -- celebrates all of our mistakes. >> reporter: they are making lots in advertising. how can we get in on this gold mind? >> you have to do what you like. >> reporter: ben says "i don't know why i want have cheese burger" is so popular: this could make you millions. in washington, i'm lindsay maskus. >> by the way, ben happens to be allergic to cats. this is a way for him to spend time with the animals he loves without all of the sneezing. tomorrow night we have a warning that you need to know about. thieves have been cutting the
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catalytic converters from cars. how to protect yourself coming up tomorrow night. hundreds of oud riders are taking the public transportation. read more. still to come, items from elvis presley hit the auction block. pluses, how cold (announcer) in america we don't just dream when we sleep-
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some memorabilia belonging to it will king went on the auction block today. among the 200 items were some of elvis prezly's -- presley's personal auction items were everyone part of his hair and some of


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